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+ more info Non eugenol Condensation Silicone Hydrophilic Thixotropic Excellent fluidity Universal Catalyst ZINC OXIDE- EUGENOL IMPRESSION PASTE Low content of Eugenol Orange Flavor Slight Elasticity Easily mixed Fluidity Calcium Hydroxide Cement System paste-paste Radiopaque Excellent fluidity and setting time Ideal color 1 tube with 13 g of base paste and 11g of  catalyst paste Temporary Cement With and without Eugenol Excellent fluidity Great fixing Easy to remove Good thermal and electric insulator 1 Tube with 50 g of  base paste  and 15g of Catalyst Temporary Restaurative Material Single Component Does not require any mixing Ready to use Hardens in the presence of saliva or water Mint Flavor Root Canal Cement Absence of clumps Excellente setting time Radiopaque Excellent flow Powder 12 g - 10 ml Liquid Periodontal Cement  Surgical Cement System paste-paste Without eugenol Not irritant to the tissues Easily mixed Excellent setting time Excellent adhesion and adaptation Tube with 90 g of base 90 g and 90 of accelerator Adhesive rod for facetting. Contains 10 units Wax in blocks for sculpture. Box with 10 units Eugenol 50 ml EDTA 50 ml Hemospon Tape Absorbable Collagen Wound Dressings Dimension 25x75 mm Hemospon Cote Absorbable Collagen Wound Dressings Dimension 20x40 mm Hemosthatic Sponge made of Lyophilized Hydrolyzed Collagen (Gelatin) Dimension  10x10x10 mm + more info + more info Calcium hydroxide paste in syringe. For temporary filling of root canals. With and without Iodoforn. Syringe with 3 g Light cure gengival barrier Syringe of 3,8 g Light Cure composite Nano- hybrid fluid. 2g syringe Unprecedented formulation offering a surprising set of properties such as very low polymerization, contraction and High mechanical resistance Excellent handling High esthetic finish ZIRCONIUM  Mixed zirconium oxide particles and Silica which give thixotropism to the resin. Nano-hybrid composite resin, photopolymerizable for anterior and posterior teeth 4 g DIATOMITE The porous surface of its particles Allow the perception of the monomer by improving All product features Euro Technew is a reference company in the distribution of dental equipment since 1992. Representative of leading brands in the sector nationally and internationally and also of our  factory production Technew in compliance with the ISO9001:2000 and ISO13485:2003, 93/42/EEC Directive and GMP. The long-standing market experience, taught us to have as its  priority the satisfaction of our customers, growing and learning from them, developing skills that allow us to live up to the challenges of a market that increasingly competitive. On this site we invite you to see our products and do not hesitate to contact us!